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Postal News - July 2005

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  USPS Responds to GAO Report on Realigning Mail Processing Network -USPS has submitted a report of the actions it plans to take in response to the recommendations contained in the April 2005 GAO Report: "To ensure that the Postal Service continues to deliver on the universal service commitment the American public has come to expect, our processing network has to be efficient, affordable, and flexible. The initiatives announced in the 2002 Transformation Plan have yielded tremendous results. Thus far, costs have been reduced by over $4 billion, the career workforce has been trimmed by over 80,000 and customer satisfaction and on-time delivery performance across all product offerings are at all the highs. " |

- PMG Touts Direct Mail Strength and what they can expect from USPS in future

House to Consider Postal Overhaul Bill Next Week

 .. despite lingering differences with the White House. The bill sponsored by Rep. John McHugh, R-N.Y., was passed unanimously by the House Government Reform Committee in April. The House Rules Committee will meet Monday to formulate a rule for the legislation, with floor action likely slated for Tuesday. No deal on those two sticking points has been reached, according to proponents of the bill, although the administration has been negotiating  |

- Postal Reform Vote on Tuesday - Oppose OWCP Amendment
- eNAPUS Newsletter : H.R. 22 Slated for Tuesday Vote 

- NAPS: White House Seeking Additional Reforms to Postal Bill 

- Letter: NALC, NRLCA Presidents Urge Support of Postal Reform Bill (pdf)
- Return to Sender

USPS P & DC in Philadelphia to Serve as National Model for Future Facilities- . The project's mission is to streamline and consolidate postal services for the city. In the process, it will become the first urban processing center built to use computer-aided distribution networks.|

USPS Giant Facilities Service Offices (FSOs) meets challenges head-on
Can you imagine being one of 760 professionals responsible for over 35,000 facilities across the United States (that's about 46 facilities per person if your calculator isn’t handy)? How about working for an organization that has at least one building in every U.S. community? These intimidating figures are merely common practice for the United States Postal Service’s (USPS’s) facilities department. The sheer size of this government giant is a trait that sets it apart from any other organization: “We’re a unique animal,” says Rudy Umscheid, vice president of facilities, Arlington, VA

APWU, USPS Announce Tentative Agreement On Contract Extension |

- Burrus: Tentative Contract Extension Is Part of Long-Term Effort

APWU Wins Landmark FMLA Ruling -A federal appeals court has ruled that the Postal Service’s return-to-work requirements for absences of more than 21 days are in conflict with the Family and Medical Leave Act.   |

- Seventh Circuit Court decision: Harrell vs USPS (pdf)

Management Overzealous in Efforts to Promote APCs --"Financial data notwithstanding, the USPS is deploying this equipment for one specific purpose: To reduce labor costs. The APCs are just another form of automation, and the thinking behind automation and mechanization has been the same for 40 years: The purpose of APCs is to replace retail professionals.
 Income Data For APCs |
USPS Respond to Privacy Concerns Regarding Liteblue Website (pdf) -"In response to the APWU’s correspondence on privacy concerns regarding the LiteBlue website, the Postal Service has stated that all personal employee data is fully secure and protected and LiteBlue is subject to Privacy Act provisions found in the AS-353." |

Gilroy Postal Carrier Situation Smells Fishy-"News that mail carrier Patricia Finley might be fired raises lots of red flags. Finley was featured in a recent Dispatch story about problems caused by a do-not-dismount order issued by Gilroy Postmaster Penny Yates. .. it sounds like Yates might not be following standard postal service termination procedures in this case. For Finley's sake and for the sake of postal customers who pay for litigation against the postal service with increased postage rates, we hope that Yates and the postal service are following every regulation to the "T" in this case."  |

- Don’t blame the messenger; postmaster needs more training

- No discipline for local postal worker | Caught in a ‘mailstrom’

Postal Employee's Idea Not Returned to Sender

Arbitrator Rules Postal Employee Entitled to $10,000 Cash Award Under USPS Ideas Program - On May 2, 1998, the postal employee submitted a suggestion to improve the processing of "Return to Sender" mail. She submitted the suggestion under guidelines of the USPS Ideas Program . The Manager of Operations Programs for the Connecticut District forwarded the suggestion to postal headquarters . In 2002, Postal management announced the implementation of a new process for "Return to Sender' mail that seemed to be the Grievant’s1998 suggestion. The employee filed a grievance protesting the "unilateral" implementation of her suggestion without compensation. The arbitrator ruled that employee is entitled to a $10,000 cash award for the idea.  |

Marchers Protest Linden Post Office Mural-Twenty-five protesters steadily marched the sidewalks of the Post Office for several hours Saturday in an effort to inspire officials to take action on a controversial mural. The art titled "Cotton Pickers" was painted directly on the Linden, Texas post office wall by Victor Arnautoff in 1939, according to Cesta Ayers, who attended the event and served as a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service." | 

- USPS public relations don't feel the mural is offensive

- Art curator inspires Linden activists to keep mural

Ohio Postal Worker Pulls 3 Teens From Burning Car-Police say postal worker Derrick Walker risked his own safety to pull three teenagers from a crushed and burning car. Walker says he was driving behind the teens’ 1999 Ford Taurus on Friday when it suddenly swerved into a curb. The car went airborne before slamming into a bridge and landing upside down with the engine in flames.  |
Retired postal clerk who gave away thousands dies-Thomas Cannon  who gained international attention for giving away more than $150,000 on his postal worker's salary has died. Cannon the self-described poor man's philanthropist, lived in virtual poverty for years so he could give away money, mostly in thousand-dollar checks to people he read about in the local newspaper who showed kindness, bravery, or were going through tough times |
Florida Man Can't Sue Postal Service Over Lost Package
"Justice must be served, Ed Silverberg thought. The post office owed him. A $2,670 white gold and diamond bracelet that his company mailed - and insured - was lost en route to its new owner overseas. But the post office rejected his insurance claim. Silverberg stood in line for about an hour waiting for a court clerk to accept his lawsuit paperwork. When he reached the counter, the case was closed. "'Sovereign immunity,' the clerk told me. I can't sue the post office because they have sovereign immunity," Silverberg said. Under federal law, federal entities are protected from lawsuits unless sovereign immunity is waived." |

  USPS Settles Discrimination Suit with Former Postal Worker
A former postal worker last week settled her discrimination lawsuit against USPS for an undisclosed amount. Linda L. Randall filed the lawsuit nearly two years ago. Randall claimed that while she worked at the Eastern Maine P & DC in Hampden, male co-workers sexually harassed her. In her complaint, filed on Aug. 14, 2003, Randall alleged that because her supervisors failed to take action, she became ill, lost work time and, eventually, had to quit her job due to the harassment. |

NALC, USPS Sign Memo to Continue Route Evaluation Process Criteria-NALC News Bulletin -On June 30, President Young signed an interim agreement with USPS which continues an effort to minimize grievance activity in the field with regard to multiple days of inspection during six-day route counts and inspections. The MOU comes as a dispute is discussed at the national level regarding multiple days of inspection of less than six days during a six-day route count and inspection pursuant to Chapter 2 Handbook M-39. |

 Editorial: Reforms Are Too Modest

Free-market competitors such as FedEx and UPS have taken lots of business away from the post office, On top of that, the Postal Service has met resistance from its unionized workforce every time it tried to increase efficiency with new technology. the House just approved a bill intended to save the Postal Service from what has been described as a “death spiral. But it doesn’t appear the reforms go far enough. Under the House bill, rate increases for products in which the post office dominates the market. "In other words, First Class mail could end up subsidizing those other services, even junk mail."  |

- Editorial: Reforms Are Too Modest

- NPMHU: White House Demands Would Bankrupt USPS, Harm Employees

- APWU: White House Demands Major Changes to Postal Bill

-  Bush Administration threatens veto any bill that does not satisfy demands

-  GAO Report:

Improving Ratemaking Data Quality Through Postal Service Actions and Postal Reform Legislation

- Postal Groups React:  NAPS | Rural Letter Carriers | NALC

- NAPUS  | League of Postmasters Pitney Bowes | RR Donnelley |

- Mailing Industry CEO Council | House Overwhelmingly Passes Postal Reform Bill
- House Passes Postal Reform Bill | Postcom: H.R. 22 Passes House

- White House Floating Compromise On Postal Overhaul Bill  |

Burrus: USPS will not agree to upgrade window clerks

A number of members have asked why Retail Sales Associate positions — and others — were not upgraded in the proposed contract extension. The premise of the question seems to be that APWU could upgrade the positions if we wanted to.

The APWU is convinced that the skill, knowledge, and work content of these positions justify the upgrade to a higher level. The problem is that postal management does not agree. |

Congressional Budget Office Releases Cost Estimate of Postal Reform Bill S. 662 (pdf)  - CBO estimates that enacting this legislation (Postal Enhancement and Accountability Act S. 662) would result in on-budget savings of $37.7 billion and off-budget costs of $41.6 billion over the 2006-2015 period. (The net expenditures of the USPS are classified as “off-budget.”) Thus, CBO estimates the net cost to the unified budget would be $3.9 billion over the 2006-2015 period. |
- USPS Publicity Campaign To Spotlight Retail Clerks
 The next phase of a year-old Postal Service publicity campaign will feature Retail Sales Associates. 

Legionella Update: No New Cases at Norfolk P&DC, Monitoring continues-The Virginia Department of Public Health has not identified any new cases of Legionnaires’ disease beyond the first two. The Department is continuing to monitor the health of facility employees. The confirmed test results of the post-sanitization sample taken from room 222 (a women’s restroom used by the Inspection Service) and the second week’s testing of the facility’s domestic water system (38 samples) indicate no detection of Legionella-like organisms. |

Union, Workers File Suit Against DHL Subsidiary -"The APWU and five employees of ABX Air filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati June 30, alleging the company has engaged in intimidation, coercion, and discrimination against workers who are attempting to unionize the ABX plant in Wilmington, OH. |

Detroit Postal Carrier Assaulted; Mail Bag Stolen -Police said she was in front of a home when a woman approached her, struck her in the head twice and stole her mail bag. |
Holding a Supreme Sprint? (PDF)-E-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter -"Last Friday, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor notified President Bush that she intends to retire upon the confirmation of her replacement. Moreover, there is considerable speculation that Chief Justice Rehnquist will also announce his retirement shortly. In anticipation of two court vacancies, the Senate is primed to battle over potential successors. This presents postal reform advocates with a daunting challenge - getting S. 662 to the Senate floor before the summer recess." |

 Post Office "tie guy" ordered to follow dress code
KENAI, Alaska — Postal worker not happy about ban on nifty neckware -A window clerk at the Soldotna Post Office has been ordered to replace the funky ties he's worn for nearly a decade with a standard blue model, and many residents, including the town's mayor, aren't pleased. Customers have written letters of protest to Soldotna Mayor Dave Carey after postal clerk Steve Adams was banned from sporting his colorful, sometimes clashing, ties at work (.jpg)  because they didn't conform with dress code regulations. "There's a huge uproar in Soldotna," Adams said. "This is much more than a tie. It's community flavor. What's the big deal?" However, Adams said he suspects his new order is the result of the Mystery Shopper program.

Postal clerk's drab ties are bumming out town |

Former Virginia Postmaster Faces Theft Charges-A federal grand jury indicted Paul F. Kersey on Tuesday on charges of stealing at least $28,562 from the U.S. Postal Service over nearly three years while he was postmaster of Hanover County. The indictment in U.S. District Court in Richmond alleges that Kersey stole items including bulk-mail payments, payments from customers -- including the county government -- and reported less than he received, changed the purchases recorded in a computerized cash register and pocketed the difference. Kersey was transferred to another assignment March 18. The alleged thefts were discovered after he left. |

Man Shot Mail Carrier in Bid to Go to Prison-The explanation makes no sense to the Earl and Colleen Lazenby.  Lazenby, a 28-year mail carrier, went home from the hospital Wednesday, and he is not sure how long his recovery will take. The thing that attracted him to the postal job was “not being cooped up in the office,” but for now doctors say he cannot return to his route. “They’re not sure if that’ll ever happen,” he said. “It’s still gonna be a long, long road from here.”  |

USPS IG Audit: Response to Incidents Involving Suspicious Mail and Unknown Powders and Substances-The objective of this review was to determine whether policies, procedures, and guidance regarding suspicious mail were communicated to and understood by Postal Service employees and management. For example, management at one plant said the Postal Inspection Service advised that it would be appropriate for an employee to handle and bag a suspicious mailpiece involving suspected or alleged biohazard substances. |

Annual Training Requirements for Postal Employees -"Don’t forget — you have until the end of August to complete your annual training requirements. Bargaining unit employees, and non-bargaining unit EAS-14 and under employees, are required to have eight hours of training by the Aug. 31 deadline. PCES/EAS-15 and above employees must complete 20 hours of training. Included for everyone in that training are four hours of mandatory Workplace Environment Improvement training and three hours of Diversity Development training. |

-Western Nassau P & DC Mail Handlers Awarded $921,800 for Casual-In-Lieu Violations -Western Nassau (New York ) Mail Handlers  President Joseph DiChiara filed a grievance in 2002 on the use of "casuals" in use of." On December 21, 2004 Arbitrator Garry Wooters ruled in favor of the union.  After USPS and the DiChiara could not come to an agreement --the case  went back to arbitrator. On May 19, 2005, the arbitrator ruled the award is covered by 41 pay periods dating from   4-2002 through 1-2005.|

Phoenix MVS Drivers Reportedly will receive $2.2 million in 'contracting out' case

Rural Carriers to Get Postal Service Used Vehicles-"The plan is to send 15,000 right-hand-drive urban vehicles already in the fleet to rural carriers by 2008. To get authority to make the switch, the Postal Service first had to take the issue to labor arbitration. The board of governors had to agree to purchase 3,120 minivans to replace the urban right-hand-drive vehicles. It did so as part of what one governor said would be a $215 million vehicle purchase. The new minivans will be placed on urban routes. Many of the right hand-drive urban vehicles have been used on "stop and loop" routes in which a carrier gets out of his vehicle and carries mail on a section of his route. Carriers do not need a right-hand drive vehicle for that." |

- USPS Awards $ 60.5m Contract for Motor Vehicles  (7/2) |

Make Sure We Address the Real Address Issues -

"It's been clear for a while that one of the most significant cost-saving opportunities for the U.S. Postal Service is in address quality. Unfortunately, the most recent comprehensive cost study of undeliverable as addressed mail is from 1998. It showed that the USPS spent about $1.5 billion on UAA mail. The vast majority was spent in three areas: forwarding mail (mainly First Class); returning to sender that which cannot be forwarded (mainly First Class); and destroying mail that cannot be delivered and is not entitled to forwarding or return services." |

  PMG to Dedicate Bronze Letter Carrier Statue in New Jersey-Visitors to Ridgewood's post office have been pausing lately to take in a striking new sight on the building's grounds. It's a life-size, bronze sculpture of a letter carrier. Called "The Special Delivery," it pays tribute to men and women around the nation who deliver the mail. TPMG, John E. Potter, will dedicate it on the Fourth of July.  |
Postmaster Accused of Assaulting Employee - The postmaster of the Elizabethton, TN Post Office was served with a Court summons Friday morning charging him with assaulting an employee. “This charge is false, absolutely false,” Postmaster Bruce Range said. .Postal employee Gary White said in his affidavit that Range slammed the top door against White’s right arm, while the employee was leaning on the top of lower door. White said Range “meant to do this, he never said he was sorry when I told him he hurt my arm. He then tried to do it again.” but White held the door this time to keep it from hitting his arm.  |

Georgia Postman Recalls Shooting -"Woody" determined to return to his postal route |

USPS Awards $ 60.5m Contract for Motor Vehicles

USPS has awarded a contract to DaimlerChrysler Motors Company LLC of Auburn Hill, MI, in the amount of $60,501,660 for the production of carrier route vehicles. DaimlerChrysler Motors Company LLC  will supply the Postal Service with 3,100 left-hand drive minivans and 10 clean diesel vehicles by November 30, 2005.|

- USPS Awards $184 million Contract for Purchase of Electricity

Postal Reform Proceeding Under A Yellow Flag

(E-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter) As Congress departed on its annual July 4th Recess, H.R. 22 and S. 662, postal enhancement legislation, is moving forward under the yellow caution flag. The White House and the Congressional Republican Leadership appear to be waving the flag. In a large part, the delay is the result of the alleged impact that the legislation would have on the federal budget. |

A Breaking Point? Service Gets Lost In the Technology of a Self-Serve American world-Perhaps most remarkable, the U.S. Postal Service  last year started putting self-service machines in its facilities, allowing customers to weigh envelopes or parcels, select the service they want, pay for it and print out their own postage labels. "I think the post office is the acid test," said Alex Halavais, a communications professor at the University at Buffalo. "Now that that's making the move to self-serve, I think we've really reached the last bastion."  |

USPS Update: Hurricane Dennis Affects Some Postal Operations -North, South Florida District - Hurricane Dennis is expected to reach landfall in the Pensacola area Sunday afternoon. Any transportation from the Jacksonville Bulk Mail Center scheduled to arrive in Pensacola after 8 p.m. will be canceled. The Pensacola P & DC will operate until 8 p.m. and then operations will be suspended until Monday at 7 a.m. Alabama District: The Mobile P & DC is operating without power. Mississippi District - Gulfport area is under voluntary evacuation orders with a 5 p.m. curfew. The Gulfport P & DC is operational. Employees with postal identification are being permitted to travel to and from work after curfew. |

- Postal services are scheduled to resume Monday

- USPS Tractor-Trailer blown on its side in Florida

- Dennis shuts down St. Marks (Fla.) post office

- Postal services are scheduled to resume Monday

- USPS Tractor-Trailer blown on its side in Florida

Mail Carrier Wants More Protections for Dogs ??- On her postal routes along the streets of Greeley, CO Laurie Watts has seen what few notice, and it has bothered her for years. What few have noticed, but Watts has seen, are dogs chained in the same spot for days, weeks and months. Finally, Watts said she'd had enough. She and Roger Messick have asked the Greeley City Council to make tougher ordinances concerning animal ownership.|
  Warrant Issued for Postal Employee Charged with Theft of APWU Funds -A Superior Court judge issued a bench warrant Monday for a Bullhead City postal employee charged with six counts of felony theft. April Leanne Henderson, also know as April Dunn, is charged in the first count with stealing more than $3,000 from the Bullhead City's chapter of the American Postal Worker's Union between February 2003 and January of this year. |

In association with Zazzle.comCompanies Give New Meaning to Personal Mail - A new online start-up will allow people to dress up their Old Mail with postage stamp images of Goofy, Eeyore -- or even Uncle Bob. Beginning today, stamps can be customized with digital artwork. Selling designer postage stamps will give Zazzle.com  another dimension. (Another company, www.photostamps.com, allows people to use their own photo images to create postage stamps. One reason USPS bought into the idea was, in fact, to create some business for itself. Customized stamps could lead people to begin writing (paper) letters again  -- at least on special occasions.|

- Zazzle lets you put your stamp on mail

Postal worker cited for anti-terror service promoted to Manager - Seabron Bowler Jr. of the U.S. Postal Service, Detroit Bulk Mail Center in Allen Park, has been promoted to manager of emergency preparedness in Portland, Maine.

Carriers Boost Revenue by Promoting USPS Products (pdf) -"Branch 356 member Joseph Muscat struck gold by gaining $714,000 in new business from a jewelry manufacturer on his route. When a UPS snafu irritated More Skin, a spa treatment company, letter carrier Minh Le smoothly talked up USPS—and picked up a Customer Connect deal worth more than $1 million. |

- NALC: Update on Global Postal Revolution (pdf)

Ohio Letter Carrier Robbed of Hat, Shirt, Bag and ID -I'm sorry to have to do this," the robber told the postal worker, according to U.S. Postal Inspector Greg Ball. Ball, based in Cincinnati, said he had never head of such a robbery, and speculated the robber planned to use the gear in another robbery. After he handed over his shirt, the carrier realized his photo ID, with the U.S. Postal Service logo, was in the shirt pocket, Ball said. As the robber fled down an alley, he tossed from the emptied bag a postal service cell phone.  |

- Teen arrested in postal carrier robbery

Former Postal Worker, Gulf War POW Sent to Prison for Fraud

 A former El Paso ,TX postal worker who claimed he was a prisoner of war during the first Gulf War was sentenced to two years in federal prison Tuesday. John Karl Lee was convicted in April of mail fraud and making false statement  to obtain workers' compensation.  |

PhotoStamps Post Big Numbers For Stamps.com
Online postal services provider Stamps.com said its PhotoStamps offering, which enables customers to create their own digital stamps, recorded some $1.2 million in sales in the first six weeks of a second run of test marketing the stamps. In a statement, the firm said: "Approximately 68 thousand sheets, or nearly 1.4 million individual PhotoStamps, were shipped to customers." |

Meet Larry, the Mobile Post Office

 "Larry is a unique vehicle being a commissioned mobile  Post Office during the first chapter of its life. He was taken to county fairs to post mark letters and sell commemorative stamps, hung out at malls during Christmas to make it easy to send presents to loved ones and even made the rounds to rest homes to help the elderly do the simple pleasures of life like mail a letter.  He was also used to stand in for rural post offices as the real ones were being built or renovated.  It was manned by the same 2 female postal workers during the entire time it spent in Denver, the story goes Larry was retired when they too retired." |

Postal Workers to Picket Contract Postal Unit  |

USPS Files First Negotiated Service Agreement  Using Standard Mail -"The U.S. Postal Service filed a request yesterday to allow the first negotiated service agreement for Standard mail with Bookspan, a direct marketer of general-interest and specialty book clubs." |
- USPS Press Release | NSA Request Between USPS and Bookspan (PDF
APWU Initiates Step 4 Dispute Over USPS Charging Military Leave For Non-Workdays -A dispute has been initiated by the APWU over the Postal Service’s practice of charging paid military leave for non-workdays. The union’s position is that postal employees who have been charged paid military leave for non-workdays spent while receiving military training are entitled to compensation for all lost time and benefits. In addition, the APWU takes the position that the Postal Service should change Section 517.41 of the ELM to read “15 workdays” instead of “15 calendar days.|
USPS Considering Shift of Yuba-Sutter Area Mail Processing -Postal officials are considering whether to shift mail processing for the Yuba-Sutter area to West Sacramento as a cost-cutting measure, according to Ralph Petty, spokesman for the Postal Service's Sacramento district. Petty said USPS is looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency by consolidating postal functions...... "This looks like the direction the Board of Governors wants us to go in," Petty said. But Rick Page, Yuba City APWU president said the proposal threatens the timeliness of the Yuba-Sutter area's mail service. |
250 Pounds of Undelivered Mail Found in Vacant Texas Apartment -About 250 pounds of undelivered and unopened mail was found in a vacant Killeen, Texas apartment. The  Postal Service Inspection Service investigating the incident. They want to know how did so much mail go undelivered. "Tuesday News Channel 25 spoke to the woman who found the mail. Nancy Bray with Colonial Property Management tells us it was during a routine inspection that she made the strange discovery." Bray says there were five Postal bags of mail weighing about 50 pounds each and addressed to  people living on Fort Hood. "She tells us the last tenant was in the Army."  |
PMG Potter Meets with Alaska Postal Employees-The postmaster general doesn't usually come to cut the ribbon when a new post office opens in a place like Girdwood, pop. 1,850. Postmaster General Jack Potter went because Stevens invited him, said his spokesman, Gerry McKiernan. "This was an opportunity to go north to Alaska," McKiernan said. "He combined it with meetings of the employees up there. I'm told he had customer meetings as well. And it's a good opportunity to visit with Sen. Ted. Stevens." Potter's official duties included a ribbon-cutting July 6 at the new post office in Girdwood, where Stevens maintains his official Alaska residence. Stevens, McKiernan said, is a big supporter of the Postal Service. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and as chairman of its defense subcommittee, Stevens has a big say in a lot of federal spending. |
 Contract Cleaner Accused of Stealing Stamps from Post Office
"A sticky-fingered cleaning man was arrested Thursday after he was accused of stealing nearly $11,000 in stamps from the Billerica post office. Gary Benson, a self-described homeless addict, supported his heroin habit by selling bundles of stamps worth $740 for $250, according to police. Postal investigators became suspicious of Benson, a 48-year-old contract cleaner for the Pearl Street post office, after discovering stamps missing, police said." Investigators set up a surveillance camera, which taped Benson removing a block of stamps from a storage room cabinet and concealing them in his cargo pants pocket. |



USPS to discontinue Carlsbad Caverns postcard

Nanuet's honor for a humble mailman

Co-workers seek stamp in honor of postal worker philanthropist
Rural carriers launch "Adopt A Soldier Program"
e-NAPUS Newsletter: H.R. 22 Now in Rear View Mirror (PDF)

 Postmaster logs 25 years of dedicated service



USPS Memo : Informational Picketing (pdf)

New EEOC Publication: Employment Rights of People with Cancer under ADA

Postal Worker Gets Probation for Stealing Prescription Drugs out of Mail

Guilty plea in Oakland postal worker shooting
NY Congressman Criticizes FEMA Over Delay of Sept. 11 Stamp Funds

Mother to serve 18 months for role in postal worker shooting
Postal Worker still running at  94 years old

Postal Explorer Re-Designed by USPS
House Committee Chairman to Help Solve ZIP Code Problems
Vehicle hits post office



Postmaster honored for aiding sheriff's deputy

Iowa Postal Worker honored by National Weather Service

Court Reinstates Anthrax Defamation Suit Against N.Y. Times

Letters: Investigate Gilroy Postmaster | Postmaster way off base
Contest invites works of postal art

Berryville gets new postmaster
 USPS denies village request for own ZIP code



 New Jersey APWU Local to Hold Informational Picket at Contract Postal Unit

 Editorial: Don't Be Taken In (On Employee Opinion Survey) [link corrected]

 Wisconsin residents petition for postmaster

Postmaster putting his stamp on Edison (New Jersey)

"EBay Day" at Post Office
 Rockville post office is town hub
Revenue Up as Income Slips for Advo

Canadian postal workers give thumbs down to feature film

 Napa postal carrier achieves safety milestone|

(and dismounts when garbage cans in front of mailbox



EEOC Revises Guidance on Timeliness for Filing Employment Discrimination

Car slams into South Carolina post office

No ordinary heist for post office robber
Postal clerk charged with manufacturing meth
USPS Teams With Pacific Rim Posts to Offer Guaranteed Mail Service
UPS Driver charged after receiving pot via USPS express mail

Retiring Letter Carrier full of positive postal stories



Postal Services Announce Joint Express Network

USPS Starts FAST Deployment
USPS Defends Efforts on Accountability

Postal accountant sentenced on fraud charges |

Bring back snail mail to bring in more business

Post office likely to stay closed due to mold problems
Stickers from the post office comforting symbols of security



A Day in the Life of a Mail Carrier

Florida Mailman wins Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest
Post office puts a cancellation on a dear old family friend
Dog attacks stop delivery to neighborhood



Pepper Spray Causes Post Office Closure

Letter : Carriers come through for ill co-worker

USPS to Join Five World Postal Systems in Express Service to Asia Pacific

Residents Upset Over US Flag Display At Post Office

Deputies continue search for post office robbery suspect

 Postal Window Clerk charged with embezzlement |



Female robber hits Florida post office

AFL-CIO faces rebellion within ranks at convention

USPS Selects Ryder to Provide Transportation Management


Royal Mail price curbs could stamp out 40,000 postal jobs
USPS Board fo Governors to Meet August 1-2 in Newport  Beach, California

USPS, eBay launch national tour to support small business, entrepreneurs

USPS  to consider "Forever' stamp, post performance data on Website (PDF)
Aurora (NY) post office move debated

Study: Most Get Credit Card Information Via Mail

Mail delivery suspended because of vicious dog
Delivery drivers grapple with heat

Theft-resistant Secure Mail Vault

FedEx Pilots Plan Picketing Today in Memphis

Postal Bulletin: Form 8105a Instructions, Quarter-length sock

Airport Baggage Handler Admits Theft from Bulk Mail-|

Azeezaly Jaffer Sets the Record Straight on Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft

 UPS net income rises  - Competitive Threats from USPS, FedEx keep growth in check


 250 Pounds of Undelivered Mail Found in Vacant Texas Apt.|

 Not-so-exclusive postal numbers
Postal unity for Brooklyn

 Oops! Lease Termination Notice for Rushland Post Office Sent out in Error

 City Honors Postal Employees for Successful Food Drive

 Suspicious container with note to postal employees nothing but religious tracts

 Alliances Form on Customized Postage

 Postal truck fire leaves some Detroit residents without mail

 UPS faces contempt charge in theft case



Man goes to court in postal truck caper

St. John ZIP code gaining new territory
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Announces Lifecycle Funds

Q&A with new Ohio Postmaster
'First Class' Hero Lavelle postmaster's effort saluted
Community welcomes new postmaster
 Postal Service starts new customer program
Temporary park mailboxes in flux

How to honor Thomas Cannon? An event is planned this month at Richmond, VA.   main  post office at which Cannon, a former postal worker, will be honored.



Delivering history: Retired postal workers reminisce

USPS Awards Contract for Portable Two-Way Radios

Benefits tangled up in red tape



UPS Driver Found With $100,000 Of Merchandise In Home  A United Parcel Service driver has been arrested following a search of his home that turned up a veritable warehouse of pilfered UPS packages, according to a St. Bernard Parish sheriff's spokesman. Investigators found opened packages with six computers, more than 40 handguns and rifles, dozens of fishing poles, 200 bottles of wine, several boxes of cigars and a $2,000 bicycle at Mark Raschke's home in Meraux. Doran said there was no indication he was selling the stuff, just hoarding it.|

UPS Offers pilots 3 Percent Raise and $5,000 Bonus to sign 8 yr. contract |



Postal Worker called hero for saving the life of an elderly woman

Postmaster hopes fate of Post Office isn't sealed

Postal truck collides with child on bicycle

USPS may drop another deal on e-commerce

e-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter: Free Postal Reform Now!

Postal Inspectors Ask for Assistance in Post Office Robbery
Revolt brewing against Japan postal sell-of



USPS Electronic FOIA system adds efficiency

Postal Service set to deliver 1 million copies of new Harry Potter Book

Post office renovations get a stamp of approval
Rural Mail Designation Affects Suburban Businesses

Finnish/ Jewish-American Alleges Discrimination against USPS, NALC | NALC Complaint



Letter to DMNews: When Did the Postal Service Become a Private Business?

Alpine Air Express, USPS Forge Interim Agreement to Continue Service in Hawaii

 Riding his rural route for 31 years

 Man in clothing resembling postal uniform tries to rob armored truck

Computer Glitch Causes Problems for Post Offices Nationwide |

Japan postal privatization battle haunts politics

 Mail Carrier Delivers Emergency Aid to Girl Struck by SUV

Howard Crawford says he's not a hero, just someone who happened to be in the right place at the right time. |



Postal Modernism: Pushing the Envelope

New postmaster manning window at Bosque post office

Security system snafu slows start at post office

 Man guilty of exposure to postal worker

Competition for Small Business Customers among USPS, others intensifies

Postal Service making life easier for business

Eureka Main Post Office stores bulk mail outside

Man takes apparent mailbox bomb to post office

New stamps mark civil rights milestones

Postal worker charged with bank fraud by feds  |

Hutchinson firm gets $28M postal contract

Postal Service to Save $20 Million with Service Parts Management

Former Virginia Postmaster Faces Theft Charges  |



Anthrax: The Overlooked Attack

Direct Mail Industry benefit

Durham residents want mail delivery to door to continue

Mailman lends hand battling fire



Letter carrier keeps delivering, sometimes feels invisible
Attempted robbery at post office goes federal

Vonzell live

USPS Plans Tool to Correct Address Typos

Capital of Campaign Mailers (free subscription required)



Celebs Deliver Mail for Amazon.com |

Injured Mail Carrier Files Suit |

Postcards deliver hope for families of missing children

Bill Introduced to Rename Post Office After Long-Time Rural Carrier

Fund-raiser set for letter carrier fighting brain tumor
Reward offered in post-office fire -Reward offered for information of those responsible for setting a fire in the Irvine (Calif.) post office lobby



Postal Clerk Locked Up During Post Office Robbery |

- Cops seek Ordinary post office robber

Postal Service Reassigns Carriers, Tightens Routes |

Arbitrator Rules Union Leave Does Not Count Toward FMLA Eligibility [pdf]

Four new Missouri postmasters sworn in

Postal Employee, others charged in theft of $1.5 million in business checks |

2 Florida men indicted for allegedly stealing more than $200,000 in stamps

UPS Plans Domestic Express Service in 23 Chinese Metro Areas

New Jersey Postman to retire after 42 years

Much-loved mail carrier retires
Direct Mail Spending to Grow 8.5% in 2005
Man facing charges in postal worker's shooting says he's $90,000 in debt
Canines and mail carriers
Letter carrier receives ultimate driving award
Toledo postmaster installation part of centennial celebration

London bombings prompt heightened USPS security measures

Holding a Supreme Sprint? (PDF)|



Topton Post Office catches up after staff shortage cuts delivery

Letter Carrier, son face trial on identity theft, check charges

UAA Mail Costing DMers Over $6 Billion
Postal shooting going to grand jury

Sentence delayed for former postal clerk

Postal Worker kills late-night visitor at doorstep

E-Mail or Direct Mail? A Retailer’s Perspective

Pitney Bowes unveils new tool for mailing

Postal worker arrested for sex abuse

Postal Bulletin issued July 7 -ELM Revision: Updated Promotion Charts Now Available for Electronic Technicians, Postal Police Officers Step Increase Waiting Period Schedule ; Directives and Forms Update ; Handbook Revision: AS-353, Guide to Privacy ;and the Freedom of Information Act; ELM Revision: ;Handbook EL-312 Revision: Employment Programs; Self-Sufficient Saving:



Pickup, postal truck collide, narrowly miss 4-year-old girl

UPS Expands Inbound Visibility Services
Changes In USPS Purchasing Guideline



Judith Martin named 1st female postmaster of Philadelphia

Final mail call for Mansfield, Mass Mail Carrier

DHL to end individual cigarette shipments

New OPM Director Called Focused and Dedicated

Saudi Postal Services to Train and Employ Women

Italy post office aiming for privatization in 2006





Postal carrier gets probation in mail theft case
USPS Names Kate Wiley as Columbus, Ohio District Manager
Applications accepted for postal examination in Oklahoma
Young troops targeted in postal scam

Jane, MO. wants new post office


Printing company employee sentenced for paying bribes to postal official

Lopping off proposed for Chicago post office

Postal worker rescues injured Dyer woman
Princeville denied its own post office
USPS pins blame on county

Postmaster earns Ben Franklin's Award of Excellence
Homeland Security awards large express delivery contract to DHL

City to lock collection boxes near Live 8 site

Mail with Social Security Checks Destroyed in Nashville Accident
USPS Gets the Party Started With Mickey and Friends
U.S. Speaks Up on Mexico Stamp Controversy

Will the Real Identity Theft Source Please Stand Up?


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