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icon USPS Gets NASCAR Sponsorship

August 02, 2005- CHECKERED FLAG. Driver David Green piloted the Kleenex / USPS car to victory in the NASCAR Busch Series event July 23 at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO. Green came from behind — fifth place — with 25 laps to go and clinched the win with just one lap left. USPS is presenting sponsor of Team Brewco and associate sponsor of the #27 Kleenex car in the NASCAR Busch Series races.

(posted June 1, 2004)

Postal Service Unveils NASCAR Tribute to Those Who Served Their Country in World War II

(Concord, NC) -- In a special tribute to the men and women who served this country during World War II the United States Postal Service unveiled a special car design featuring the National World War II Memorial stamp on the hood of the #27 Kleenex Brewco Motorsports Chevrolet of Johnny Sauter.

Charlotte postmaster Thomas Callahan was joined at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway Media Center by Clarence Brewer, president, BREWCO, Inc; John Cook, director of sponsorship, Kleenex/Kimberly-Clark; and driver Johnny Sauter to unveil the car.

“An entire generation of Americans came together to work for freedom during the World War II era,” remarked Callahan during the ceremony. ”Soldiers and civilians, men and women throughout the country dedicated themselves to support the war effort. Today we are paying tribute to their sacrifices.”

Callahan also pointed out that nearly 40 percent of the 725,000 postal employees have a military background, making the tribute a very personal one.

Joining Callahan was Clarence Brewer, president of Brewco, Inc, owner of the #27 Kleenex Busch Series car.

“Our entire organization is extremely proud to be a part of the United State Postal Service’s tribute to the World War II generation,” Brewer said. “Stock car racing, like the Postal Service, is a part of the fabric of this country and we are proud to carry the Postal Service colors. We are confident that Johnny and Team Brewco will successfully represent the Postal Service’s tradition of excellence.”

“Kleenex and Kimberly-Clark are honored to be associated with this car,” added John Cook, Director of Motorsports Sponsorship for Kimberly-Clark. “It truly will be a fitting tribute to our World War II heroes when it races at Phoenix International Raceway in November prior to the Veterans Day holiday. (source BGN Racing)

posted May 28, 2004

USPS Teams with Brewco

Racing One Report

Sauter will carry the World War II stamp on his car at PhoenixCONCORD, N.C. - The United States Postal Service and Brewco Motorsports Inc. CEO Clarence Brewer Jr. today announced that the United States Postal Service will become Presenting team sponsor for their NASCAR Busch Series team.

Under the terms of the agreement, the United States Postal Service will be the presenting sponsor of Brewco Motorsports Inc. as "Team Brewco brought to you by the United States Postal Service," and associate sponsor of the No. 27 Kleenex racing car driven by Johnny Sauter.

"This sponsorship enables the Postal Service to become part of one of the fastest growing sports in the country," commented Jerry Whalen, USPS Vice President, Sales. "The NASCAR Busch Series had more than 2.3 million fans attending races last year, a national television contract with over 82 million viewers, and is truly a national sport. And every one of those fans is a customer of the Postal Service."

"We are looking forward to the added exposure and cross-promotional opportunities the United States Postal Services brings to our Kleenex racing program" said John Cook, Director of Motorsports Sponsorship for Kimberly-Clark. For one race only, the November 6, 2004, race at Phoenix, the car will carry the National World War II Memorial U. S. postage stamp image on the hood of the car to honor America's veterans.

Under the terms of the agreement, the United States Postal Service will be the presenting sponsor of Brewco Motorsports Inc. as "Team Brewco brought to you by the United States Postal Service,"Included in the agreement, David Green, the 1994 NASCAR Busch Series Champion, will pilot the No. 37 United States Postal Service car at Dover International Speedway on September 25, 2004. Under the one-race agreement his car will carry a special USPS paint scheme. "Last season, I had the privilege of working closely with the U.S. Postal Service and their customers," Green added.

"I am thrilled with their increased interest and involvement in our team and sport. They are truly a first-class organization with outstanding employees. Their support will be a huge factor in our quest for the 2004 Busch Series title. In their ninth year of competition in the NASCAR Busch Series, Brewco Motorsports, Inc. has become one of the most highly respected and competitive teams in the sport.

"Our entire organization is extremely proud to be associated with The United States Postal Service" Brewer said. "We look forward to helping the Postal Service take advantage of the numerous marketing opportunities that NASCAR sponsorships offer," Brewer added. NASCAR, like the Postal Service, is a part of the history of this country. We are proud to again carry the Postal Service colors and represent their tradition of excellence."

In 2002 Brewco Motorsports and the United States Postal Service teamed up to present the No. 27 Heroes of 2001 car driven my Jamie McMurray to help raise awareness to the emergency personnel who gave their lives or were injured during the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Postal Service To Ride With NASCAR

May 21, 2004

(CBS) The Postal Service is going to a faster means of transportation — for advertising.

As its contract with the U.S. Pro Cycling Team lead by five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong runs out at the end of the year, the agency has taken on an associate sponsorship of a NASCAR team: The No. 27 car owned by Brewco Motor Sports and driven by Johnny Sautter.

"This sponsorship will be for the remaining races in the 2004 NASCAR Busch series," Joyce Carrier, director of Public Affairs, told

"We are going to see how it goes. Right now, we have a one year contract and this is our first time in NASCAR, so we are going to track and see how it does for us," she said.

That means that for the remainder of 2004, the U.S. Postal Service will be sponsoring both bicycle and auto racing.

"Guess we like wheels, don't we?" said Carrier.

The USPS sponsorship of cycling came under fire by those who wondered why a government-owned company with a monopoly on mail delivery had a need to advertise at all. The USPS explanation was that cycling is very popular in Europe, where the agency must compete with other carriers for the lucrative express delivery business.

But NASCAR's audience is mostly in the U.S.

Carrier is quick to point out that the USPS is not supported by tax money and is expected to compete and turn a profit, just like any other business.

"We advertise because we feel we have very good products and services to offer the public, beyond our first-class mail, and those products compete with other companies, and we feel we offer a very excellent service and a very good price and we want people to know about that," Carrier said.

In the past, the Postal Service has advertised its Express Mail overnight delivery service on the outfield walls of Major League Baseball parks. Now it wants to try stock car racing.

"NASCAR fans ... are among the most loyal in sports. They have 94 percent of the fans feeling positive about NASCAR sponsors and 72 percent consciously choosing products that support their racing, so we feel that's a good mix," Carrier said. "Cycling has been a wonderful sport for us, too, and we have loved the fans of that sport, too.

The USPS logo went on the decklid (hood) and lower quarter panel of Sautter's car earlier this month, and he is expected to compete in this Sunday's Goulds Pumps ITT Industries 200 in Nazareth, Pa., and the Carquest Auto Parts 300 in Charlotte, N.C., Memorial Day weekend. Sautter is currently 11th in points among NASCAR drivers on the Busch circuit.

Armstrong goes for his sixth straight Tour de France crown beginning July 3. This is the eighth year the 32-year-old Texan has been sponsored by the Postal Service, but he says retirement at the end of the season is hard to imagine.

By Lloyd A. de Vries

USPS gets NASCAR sponsorship -"USPS is sponsoring a NASCAR racecar! It won’t be long until race fans across the country will hear “Team Brewco brought to you by the United States Postal Service” at the start of a race.  Brewco Motorsports announced the addition of the Postal Service as a Brewco presenting team sponsor. In its ninth season racing in the NASCAR Busch series, Brewco has become one the series’ most respected and competitive teams. On Sept. 25,  David Green will pilot the No. 37 USPS Chevrolet at Dover International Speedway. USPS also will participate as an associate sponsor of the No. 27 Kleenex Chevrolet driven by Johnny Sauter." USPS News Today (5/7/04)

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