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Postal News Archive May 2004

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Top Story of the Month

 USPS gets NASCAR sponsorship -"USPS is sponsoring a NASCAR racecar! It won’t be long until race fans across the country will hear “Team Brewco brought to you by the United States Postal Service” at the start of a race.

 Brewco Motorsports announced the addition of the Postal Service as a Brewco presenting team sponsor. In its ninth season racing in the NASCAR Busch series, Brewco has become one the series’ most respected and competitive teams. On Sept. 25,  David Green will pilot the No. 37 USPS Chevrolet at Dover International Speedway. USPS also will participate as an associate sponsor of the No. 27 Kleenex Chevrolet driven by Johnny Sauter."USPS News  (5/7)- Comments on NASCAR Sponsorship

- UPS Racing | UPS Truck vs. Car| FedEx Sponsorships


Appeals Court Revives Hispanic Postal Managers' Lawsuit-A federal appeals court on Monday reinstated a lawsuit filed by  7 Hispanic management-level employees (2 postmasters, 3 plant managers, 1 service specialist and  1 postal inspector) in Texas, Colorado,  Nebraska and New Mexico" who accused the Postal Service of failing to inform them of advancement opportunities, granting merit raises and bonuses unequally and retaliating against them when they complained of alleged discrimination."  |

Tenn. Postal Worker sent to prison on $111,000 OWCP Fraud- Postal inspectors were tipped that over a two-year period, while the postal worker told her employer she wasn't yet able to return to work, she earned pay at a sandwich shop and contracted for two delivery routes with FedEx , a competitor of the Postal Service the postal worker was paid more than $111,000 in workers compensation and Social Security benefits after she was injured on the job at a Knoxville-area Postal Service facility in 2000  |

NALC, NRLCA and NAPUS Endorse Senate Postal Reform Bill- Sen. Collins and Carper to Introduce Major Postal Legislation On 5/20/04 -A Coalition of 156 Business and Non Profit Organizations also endorsed Senator Collins' Postal Reform Legislation. |

- Collins, Carper Introduce Comprehensive Postal Bill in Senate -

- Senate bill on postal legislative reform

APWU Ad on Postal Reform in Roll Call (A Capitol Hill Newspaper

Postal unions raise concerns about Senate reform bill

- Commentary: On improving the work environment during Postal Reform

by letter carrier Bill O’Flaherty, letter carrier, Walla Walla

- APWU Ad on Postal Reform in Roll Call (pdf)-A Widely Read Capitol Hill Newspaper html version

- APWU Praises House Postal Reform Bill-- ‘Very Concerned’ About Senate Draft

- NALC: Key House Committee Approves Reform Bill

- Pushing the direct marketing envelope -Future postal hikes could nickel and dime the supermarket industry to death— but they aren't necessary.

-  more Postal Reform comments

Filling the Mailbag on Postal Bills - As lawmakers begin taking up postal overhaul bills this month, several interest groups -- including commercial mailers, postal competitors, consumer groups and labor organizations -- will be watching, prepared to redouble their lobbying efforts for postal reorganization nearly a decade in the making|

- Postal Reform Bill Hits A Snag

-House Committee Approves Landmark Postal Reform Bill - In a 40-0 roll call vote, the House Government Reform Committee approved the "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act" (HR4341). The bill  now moves to House floor |

- Postal Service overhaul clears first hurdle (Govexec)
- Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act-  (pdf ) 143 pgs.

- Senate Postal Bill Forthcoming
- Senate Postal Reform Bill  (pdf) 102 pgs.

- USPS Board of Governors Supports Efforts of House and Senate leaders

- Mail Handlers Postal Reform Update: "Our grassroots lobbying effort is working"

- Potter Prepares to Make USPS More Competitive in Internet Age

- American Public Speaks Out on Postal Reform-"According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, more than two-thirds of Americans believe that they will be best protected if their postal service is regulated by an independent agency that reviews rate increases and postal operations. Eighty-two percent said USPS should be able to manage its costs without political interference."


House Subcommittee Examines Effectiveness of OWCP- Witnesses including National APWU Human Relations Director Susan Carney testified before the House Workforce Protections Subcommittee about various aspects of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). The hearing also examined whether claims processing, communication, and payment disbursements are meeting the needs of injured federal workers and the overall goals of the program. Testimony by OWCP officials addressed whether FECA as currently structured creates direct disincentives to return-to-work and recommendations to improve the FECA program such as Changing the Continuation of Pay (COP) Period, Establishing a Retirement Age for Beneficiaries and Accessing Workers Earning Information.|


Glover/Albrecht Rehab Class Action Settlement Hits Snag- The Administrative Judge issued an Order April 26, 2004, approving seventy-nine (79) individuals (out of  26,167 identified potential class members) as objectors to the settlement agreement in case . On May 4, 2004, attorneys handling the case submitted request for EEOC to grant Final Approval to the settlement agreement saying , " The settlement should not be rejected merely because individual class members complain that they would have received more had they prevailed at trial.” The Glover/Albrecht EEO settlement against USPS is Largest Disability Employment Class Action ever . Another possible class action suit  (Edmond Walker vs USPS) is awaiting certification  by EEOC.  |

Postmaster General Says Legislation May Force Postal Rate Increase

 -  PMG John Potter Delivers Postal Service Progress Report via  national satellite broadcast. Legislation being considered by Congress could force postal rates higher than might otherwise be necessary. Potter also said "the Postal Service will raise the goal of delivery point sequencing to 85 percent by the end of the year, 90 percent next year, and ultimately to 100 percent. In addressing  the Senate & House Reform bills Potter said :  "Since neither bill provides the opportunity for relief from our major cost drivers - wages and benefits - we believe any price cap index must take all cost drivers into consideration. We, therefore, prefer the Senate version of price caps.  "|

- PMG Urges Mailers to Stay Involved in Transforming USPS

- Text of Potter's  Remarks

Potter Prepares to Make USPS More Competitive in Internet Age-"Postmaster General  John E. Potter must figure out a way to the keep the postal service competitive as more people turn to e-mail and delivery services. By 2017, first-class mail volume is projected to plunge 21%, and a yearly profit may become an $8.5 billion loss, according to a presidential commission that studied the agency." Congress on May 12th will begin debate on the first of two bills intended to help the world's largest postal service compete with publicly traded rivals including FedEx  and UPS. William Burrus, president of APWU, said Potter has pushed an agenda that favors large corporate mailers at the expense of individual customers|

- Mail Handlers Postal Reform Update: "Our grassroots lobbying effort is working"


GAO Report: 29 USPS employees obtained bogus degrees

-  USPS is cited in report with 29 employees holding bogus college degrees

-excerpt of GAO Report in gif format | Full GAO Report

- GAO finds hundreds paid for unaccredited, fake schools


USPS to Request  Early Out for EAS 11-18 Postmasters-The Postal Service informed NAPUS  an National League of Postmasters  that the agency will seek OPM approval of a plan to grant Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) Authority for eligible EAS- 11-18 Postmasters. According to Postal Service officials, the rationale for requesting early out opportunities for EAS-11-18 Postmasters is based on locating landing spots which may be created by the continuing downsizing of Function 1 mail processing positions. These jobs also include other clerks, affected administrative personnel, and non-supervisory positions." NAPUS anticipates OPM approval within a 15-30 day timeframe.|  

- Postmasters may get early retirement option (Federal Times)

- Postal Headquarters announces VERA for Postmasters -NLPM

USPS Sees $2.5B Surplus for First Half of Year-"According to the postal service's fiscal and operating statements, revenue from Oct. 1 to March 31 was $35.52 billion, 1.4 percent above the agency's budget plan, while expenses of $32.96 billion were 1.7 percent under budget plan." "Total workhours for March YTD are 12.1 million hours or 1.6% below SPLY. To date, Mail Processing workhours have been reduced 7.0 million hours or 3.8% below SPLY."


House Panel passes bill to end TSP Open Season & Revise CSRS Benefits for Part-Time Workers-The bill revises the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuity computation with respect to part-time civil service before April 7, 1986, to credit all service of such employees, no matter when performed, as full-time for purposes of such computation. The bill also eliminates open seasons for TSP. The open season language must clear the full House and the House-Senate conference before it is signed into law. Closing Open Seasons Allowing annuities for federal retirees to begin the day after retirement, instead of a month later


Former Postal Manager Accused of Rape fighting DNA order - a former Dorchester postal center station  "acting" manager accused in a sexual harassment suit of raping a letter carrier and forcibly kissing a customer service supervisor, " is fighting a subpoena to produce a DNA sample. USPS settled out of court earlier this year with one alleged victim who claimed Kelley raped her in the boiler room of the Dorchester Center Postal Station on Sept. 7, 2000." Another alleged victim filed a stress claim for sexual harassment by the station manager, a clerk & a mail handler and currently is off work receiving OWCP.

Case continues in Brentwood Employee's $600,000 sexual harassment suit


USPS OIG: Review of Labor Scheduler Program Phase I-" At the pilot sites visited, plant management did not fully implemented or use the Labor Scheduler model results to capitalize on workforce optimization; therefore the program may not achieve projected benefits. These sites either disregarded or partially implemented the model results causing no employee reduction. At  one of the pilot sites for the Labor Scheduler, "Plant management implemented the model results, which identified 112 changed or reduced positions." After plant management reduced  a significant number of positions, workhours, overtime increased. "Postal Service Management and union officials stated after completion of model results from Labor Scheduler, regular Employees were working 12 hours a day and part-time  employees were exceeding their 32-hour weekly limit. |

- See other reports


Former Postmaster General Marvin Runyon Dies-Marvin Runyon, a one-time Ford assembly line worker whose tightfisted corporate policies helped him become postmaster general (1992-1998) , died Monday at age 79. In a sometimes stormy tenure as postmaster general, he eliminated hundreds of jobs, reorganized the massive operation and built a business that made more than $1 billion in profits by the time he left. Runyon was known to many postal workers as  as "Carvin' Marvin" |


Five Maryland Postal Workers Indicted for OWCP Fraud-A federal grand jury indicted the five Postal Workers on charges of fraudulently receiving more than $200,000 in workers' compensation benefits. According to the indictments the postal workers continued working at other jobs while asserting on workers' compensation forms that they had no other income. |

- OIG Press Release (pdf)

US Postal Workers indicted for workers’ compensation fraud-Maryland Gazette

Job's Demands, Doctor's Orders and Pregnancy  Discrimination  -Michelle Cotton, a mail carrier at the Edgewater, Colorado Post Office wonders if she pushed herself too hard carrying her son. Last fall, months after he was born, doctors learned he'd had a stroke in the womb. They haven't ruled out the possibility that Cotton's physical workload was a factor. Cotton said a female supervisor told her she would have to take unpaid leave for any time she was supposed to walk her route but couldn't. The issue was dropped after supportive co-workers picked up part of her route. Then she hit another bump in the road. A male postal supervisor tried to force Cotton to work overtime--she refused and was cited for "failure to comply with direct order" . NALC filed a grievance and the issue was dropped. | 

- Pregnancy Discrimination Act information


USPS Introduces New Human Resources Initiative "PostalPEOPLE" PostalPEOPLE, which will allow employees to perform routine HR transactions 24-7 in a self-service environment by giving them access to their personnel files and other HR-related information. An HR Shared Services Center will provide employees with individual attention using interactive voice response, an HR knowledge base and agent assistance. According to PR Reader: "PostalPEOPLE will be launched beginning in January 2006, and continuing through early 2007."

May 31, 2004

Toward the Digital Mailroom-The digital mailroom is not just about faster, more efficient mail processing.

War veteran /Postmaster a quiet force behind Dublin, GA Post Office

Overhaul of USPS & Eliminating TSP Open Seasons Head Congressional Agenda

Mansfield, Ohio  first-class mail processing still slated to move

USPS Removes 69 Collection Boxes in El Paso Texas

New York Postmaster Responds to 'Do Not Mail' Campaign Opinion-"Assemblyman David G. McDonough's "Do Not Mail" campaign appears to be a misinformed attack on advertising mail (Opinion May 14). His claims that advertising mail is an annoyance and a threat to the ecological balance are just not so. Advertising mail does not intrude. It does not demand immediate attention or interrupt other activities. The recipient decides whether to pay attention and when to open and read it. It is highly valued by most recipients. Research shows that consumers read 78 percent of advertising mail, almost 10 percent respond to the offers, and 21 percent of all consumers take advertising mail with them when they shop. Before legislators support such radical actions, they should carefully consider the consequences of what they do for the people they represent."          Frank LoCricchio,


May 30, 2004

USPS considers moving carriers or retail operation at cramped Post Office

  Watchful carrier saves customer

Residents in 62 & over Community Wins Fight to Get Mail Delivered

Al-Qaida look-alikes Seen at Denny's and Post Office in Avon, Colorado

Burbank Calif.  Post Office dedicated to late entertainer Bob Hope

Spammer sentenced to prison for sending an estimated 850 million e-mails
Online bill payment may be convenient; it's not foolproof-....relying on cyberspace instead of your postal carrier can be more of a hassle than you think.


May 28, 2004

USPS Honors 'Greatest Generation' With War II Memorial Stamp- Also, Brewco Motorsports and driver Johnny Sauter unveiled a special World War II Memorial stamp paint scheme for Sauter's NASCAR Busch Series car | Photos 1 | 2

- Georgia  Rural Carrier Honors Fallen Soldiers With Web Site

 - Remembering and Honoring all of the those who have died serving our country  and those past & present who have served/serving in our armed forces. Spotlight: Pictured at left is retired  Letter Carrier & NALC member. Frank Perconte, featured in Band of Brothers whose battle across Hitler’s Europe was featured in the history of E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division that became an 'Emmy' award-winning TV miniseries in 2001.


 New Discussion Forums: Postmasters  and Part-Time Regulars (PTR)

District Court  Dismisses( in part) Deaf Postal Workers Class Action Lawsuit

New Orleans Postal Carriers Accused Of Stealing, Destroying Mail

Additional Information for Postal Labor Unions Summer School

Letter: Postal employee gives whatever time it takes

NAPUS: Congressional Vote on Postal Reform 'likely' this year

Postal Inspectors launch probe into smear letter sent via Bulk Mail Permit
Gulfport Postal Employee receives National Honor


May 27, 2004

Recently retired Postal Worker devotes full attention to sculpting-For Tryggvi Thorlief Larum sculpting has becomes celebration of Norwegian- Icelandic cultural heritage

  Salem Oregon getting its first female postmaster

USPS San Mateo (CALIF.) Accounting Service Offering In-service Exam (pdf)-  Accounting Exam 741 will be for future reassignment or promotion to entry level positions: Accounting Technician DSC-11. May 27-June 11th 2004

Commentary: USPS’ Solution Is Entrepreneurial


May 26, 2004

Postmaster General Says Legislation May Force Rate Increase

 - PMG John Potter Delivers Postal Service Progress Report via  national satellite. Legislation being considered by Congress could force postal rates higher than might otherwise be necessary. Potter also said "the Postal Service will raise the goal of delivery point sequencing to 85 percent by the end of the year, 90 percent next year, and ultimately to 100 percent. |

- PMG Urges Mailers to Stay Involved in Transforming USPS

- Text of Potter's  Remarks


California State APWU Convention Report- Major concerns: excessing, labor scheduler staffing model, unwarranted discipline, PTF conversion, maintenance staffing, and postal reform which could have an effect on every one of us. Also the issue of grievance being delayed which most of the delay is due to sheer volume of the grievances filed by APWU. Nationwide the backlog of grievances has been reduced from approximately 90,000 to 47,000 grievances.


In Boston, a 'postal' message on the need to fight crime-What caused a  stir in Boston, wasn't a shooting or a residents' grief  of constant shootings or  crime --It was a decision by USPS to halt delivery to the 550 homes - citing concerns about mail carriers' personal safety. That decision, while it proved only temporary, helped prompt stepped-up police presence in the complex |

Putting Mail Packages to the Air Cargo Security Test

Kingston Post Office begins transition to curbside delivery

National World War II Memorial Postage Stamp to Honor Those Who Served

American Enterprise Institute interviews FedEx CEO Fred Smith

Ohio Postal workers picket over proposed move

Mail service for GIs not delivering goods to Iraq

Hoax 'Bomb' Package Gets by Sweden Post Office

DMA President Wientzen Urges Members to Push for Postal Reform

Georgia  Rural Carrier Honors Fallen Soldiers With Web Site

Letter : Postal workers get stamp of approval

Are Identity Theft Protection Services The Real Scam?
Iraq Inaugurates International Postal Center and Postal Codes System

Postal Worker Charged with Killing Two People in  Drunk Driving Crash

Postal Supervisor pleads guilty in sons' hot car death

Chicago Postal Worker Accused Of Stealing Jewelry from the Mail


May 24, 2004

- What is a postal service?

- Mail flows to river legends, farmers, island owners

- 35 year Florida postal worker dies in boating accident
- Florida Man gets prison for using 270 counterfeit USPS credit cards

- Editorial: Will Postal Reform Really Happen?  

- Calif. Postal Supervisor has written 2 books on growing up Hispanic

- Online purchases on the upswing

- Ohio Postmaster: Mail is one cornerstone of our enlightened democracy

- ADVO Introduces Initiative to Help  Remember Faces on Missing Child Cards

- FedEx founder named chief executive of the year

- Crown Heights (NY) post office renamed in honor of slain councilman

- Oversized Postcard Delivered from California. to Miss. with 1-cent stamp-the oversized postcard made it all the way from a San Diego Calif. suburb to the tiny Simpson County community Georgetown with just a 1-cent stamp.


 USPS to Participate in OSHA's Two Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) pilots -14 companies and organizations, as well as USPS, will participate in the pilots. In the VPP, management, labor, and OSHA establish cooperative relationships at workplaces that have implemented a comprehensive safety and health management systems. Approval into VPP is OSHAs official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have implemented exemplary safety and health management systems


-Funds misappropriation leads to indictment against Postal Worker -A Verona woman who worked for the U.S. Postal Service was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on charges of converting $270 in postal funds to her own use. The postal worker was charged with misappropriating the money from March 15 to April 29, 2003. She faces up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. -end-


-Subscribers to Reason shocked to find  personalized magazines in  mailboxes-Subscribers to Reason were shocked to find VERY personalized magazines in their mailboxes last week. On each cover the magazine printed an aerial photograph of the subscriber's very own neighborhood

-Snailmail struggles in an electronic world

- UPS is scurrying to stay out ahead-

- From Walter Reed, Letter Carrier/GI injured in Iraq fulfills promise to return wallet
- New Egremont post office finally delivered

- Oscar Scott Woody Post Office is one step closer to reality -Oscar Scott Woody was a sea post clerk aboard the Titanic. He worked 15 years as a railroad mail clerk

- Pitney Bowes Sponsors Letter Writing Campaign to U.S. Marines on Memorial Day

- Senator proposing  new Rotary postal stamp  to help in fight against Polio

- Surveys: Don't Confuse Me With The Facts-The percentage of retailers who send catalogs has plummeted from 77 percent in 2002 to 55 percent last year because they felt the Internet made this junk mail less essential. You are the U.S. Postal Service, whose catalog mailing revenue is evaporating. What do you do? COMMISSION A STUDY


May 21, 2004-

Post office Rural Carrier staffing falls behind area's growth-

- Growth impacts town postal delivery routes -

-USPS Jaffer Sets the Record Straight with Lexington Institute ..again!-

A recent opinion on your editorial pages from the Lexington Institute, a defense and international affairs "think tank," was critical of the U.S. Postal Service's accounting practices. The writer asserts that the Postal Service "is hemorrhaging money with long-term projections bordering on catastrophic" and makes the claim that the agency's "financials are deliberately and utterly impenetrable." The assertion is flat out wrong and the claim, by implication, erroneously indicts the many entities with oversight over the Postal Service, including the Postal Rate Commission, the General Accounting Office (GAO) and to some extent, the House Committee on Government Reform and the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Referenced opinion


Bush Administration finalizing agreement with U.S. Postal Workers to help deliver antibiotics or antidotes within 48 hours of a biological attack to 21 major cities, including the District. USPS would get $12 million to help distribute vaccines and other medical supplies . George Gould of the National Association of Letter Carriers said his union supports the voluntary plan for letter carriers to deliver emergency medical supplies. Postal workers will be trained in handling the materials and in security.


Postal Reform Bill Introduced in Senate

Residents in Pomona (CA) lose mail delivery after carrier caught in gunfire

Slithery delivery: 'Mom! There's a snake in the mailbox

Hispanic Organization of Postal Employees (HOPE) will host its first National Hispanic Conference, “Unity, Transformation and Our Future," June 3 - 5 in Houston.
Postal Relief Is Just a Perception Away-

-Senator Tom Carper to Drive UPS Alternative Fuel Vehicle


May 20, 2004-

- USPS' Central Repair Facility Gains Prestigious International Certification

-Collins, Carper to Introduce Postal Bill in Senate Today

- USPS Wiring Upgrades Will Benefit Confirm Service

- Postal Service trying to nip trend in dog bites


May 19, 2004

- Postal Employee Finds Unidentified White Powder in mailbox

- The Postal Brain Drain,

- New Book Describes Transformation of Global Postal Industry

- EPA expects end to decontamination funds

- US Rep. Candice Miller pushes Postal Service reforms

- Oft-attired manatee mailbox has become an Island landmark

- Artist's stamp of approval

- Frontier Airlines wants out of deal to carry mail-

- 26th Annual Postal Labor Unions Summer School Set for June 13-18

- GAO finds Postal Service reforms not reaching potential

- Postal Service Upgrades Computer Wiring Network - The data transmission backbone that supports the Postal Service's automation and Intelligent Mail programs is about to get an extreme makeover. During the next 15 months, 108 large postal facilities will have existing wiring replaced with high-speed wiring technology. In the last twelve months, 62 plants have been upgraded. This state-of-the-art technology upgrade will increase the Postal Service's ability to get real-time information about mail as it travels through the postal system -- information that can be used to improve operational efficiencies and enhance service to postal customers.







- Shrek 2 hits home with the Far Far Away Post Office — it gets prime placement in the movie — which opens at theatres today. The Far Far Away Post Office is part of an ongoing promotional campaign with DreamWorks that aims to mold public perception of the Postal Service as cutting-edge. Best of all, this widespread exposure is free to USPS. The effort includes a retail component that places Shrek images on point-of-purchase signs in Post Offices. There’s even a cool Shrek-themed cancellation. Source: USPS News Link

- Shrek 2 Stamp ????


May 18, 2004-

Postal Service needs more automation, GAO says-

GAO Report: USPS supply chain management implementation (PDF)

IRS and the Postal Service, widely considered among  leaders in protecting privacy.

Two blocks shut down after postal worker finds suspicious package

UPS shipping data provide timely snapshots of the nation's economy

Japan Post may pay billions in taxes if privatized

USPS concerned about recent gun violence suspends mail delivery to Boston housing project


May 17, 2004-

NALC: Key House Committee Approves Reform Bill -

-APWU Decries ‘Cost-Driven’ Changes Proposed for Improving OWCP-Protesting the potential for adding insult to injury, APWU testimony before the House Workforce Protections Subcommittee cautioned that studies of the injury compensation system should focus more on workers than on costs. APWU News Service (BDS Delayed, COLA Update, Postal Reform Bills)

- Letter carriers promote 'Pooch Pals' program | watch video

- ADVO Applauds House Committee - Urges Improvements In Postal Reform Bill

- Hartford Renames Post Office for Lawmaker Barbara Bailey Kennelly

- USPS On Rolls and Paid Employees Stats March FY 2004

- USPS Financial & Operating Statements March 2004

- USPS Financials Postal Quarter II FY 2004

- USPS Report of Revenue, Pieces, and Weights of mail

- USPS Delivers 'Knowledge is Power' at the 2004 National Postal Forum


-Mailers Must Work With Global Posts on Regulations, Client Attitudes-Leading mail markets worldwide are at different stages of development, but all need to improve relations with and expect less-strict regulations from their national postal service. That was the seminal discovery from a poll by agency Draft Inc. in its 29 offices worldwide for client U.S. Postal Service. The findings are a rare snapshot of the state of direct mail globally.

Other Articles from DMNews

 - Mailing Industry CEO Council's Ad Campaign Pushes Postal Reform-The Mailing Industry CEO Council is a coalition of 18 CEOs of big mailers and associations including Time Inc., R.R. Donnelley, Pitney Bowes, Wunderman, the Direct Marketing Association and the AARP

- USPS Board OKs $10.8M for Trenton P&DC

- USPS Pushes 'Consideration' in Phase 2 of Direct Mail  Effort-

-USPS wants to deliver fairness to mutual funds-

-Manchester postal worker wins Fishing Boat & Gear-

-These guys deliver -Mark Ford and Mitch Rose took unconventional routes to their jobs as postmasters

- Are you taking in calories when you lick a postage stamp? TRUE
According to the US Postal Service, a postage stamp has anywhere from 2-10 calories per stamp. The amount depends on the size of the stamp and whether you lick the adhesive well. For those stack of cards….use a sponge or self-adhesive stamps instead." -end


May 16, 2004

-Opinion:The post office needs changes, but... "Here's the big picture: The post office still does an amazing thing. It picks up mail at your house and delivers it anywhere in the country in a few days, usually one or two days. It does so at a remarkably low cost. The Postal Service has often tried to look and act like a private company, but that ultimately just doesn't work. It's a public entity with a job no private company could take on profitably: deliver mail to everyone in the country with reasonable speed and reasonable cost. It's the job of Congress to make sure the agency can keep doing that in a changing environment."


May 15, 2004-

Concerned Postal Workers website launched-

USPS officials suspends mail delivery to California neighborhood after shooting

FBI agents revisit sources in anthrax probe-

-Outsourcing: the exporting of America-Remember when the postal service set up three bulk mail processing plants in Mexico where workers were paid $1.20 an hour? Yes, U.S. mail processed outside the country

-Survey: Postal Service loses money on both urban and rural routes-A survey of economists specializing in postal services has found that they recommend that the government-supported United States Postal Service (USPS) be de-monopolized or privatized. The U.S. government first got involved with the postal services as a way to support the growth of democracy. The more modern defense is cross-subsidization, where the profits in one region can offset losses incurred on less populous routes -- ensuring universal service to rural areas.   (Report pdf)

-Hampton Apartment Residents Claim USPS Not Delivering Mail-


-'The last man standing'-78 yr. old Carrier honored for 58 years with USPS   Rudy Tempesta joined the Postal Service right after serving in World War II. He also served as president of the Chapel Hill, North Carolina  branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers union for 34 years. So far as he can determine, he is the oldest active mail carrier in the nation. At a ceremony in Charlotte last week, Tempesta was one of 24 carriers the Postal Service honored for having at least 50 years of service. Tempesta is also a single father of 3 teenagers.


Mail carriers learn how to identify potential meth labs -Pittsburg, Kansas Letter Carriers attend methamphetamine awareness seminar. The seminar focused on identifying and reporting suspicious material for carrier and community safety.


May 13, 2004-Legislation to Overhaul Postal Service Will Go to House Floor -The bill was steered through the committee by committee Chairman Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) and approved 40 to 0. Its chief author is Rep. John M. McHugh (R-N.Y.), who has worked to bridge differences among big mailers, unions and the post office. The Senate also is preparing to plunge into a postal reform debate. Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.) put a draft bill into circulation this week to get feedback from the mailing industry and postal unions. Although the bills appear to have broad support in the mailing industry, they must survive debate in the Congress and likely opposition from the Bush administration. note: "Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis emphasized to mailing groups that he, along with Representatives Waxman, McHugh, and Danny Davis, are absolutely committed to passing a reform bill this year. Davis also announced that he had won the commitment of the House leadership to schedule floor time for a committee-approved bill in late June."


May 13, 2004-Man Holds Up North Carolina Post Office With Glue Gun-A Pitt County man is behind bars, charged with using a glue gun to rob a post office. Investigators said the man held up a postal clerk to get some grocery money. He got away with just $100. He is accused of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Because the alleged crime involved the U.S. mail, he also could face federal prosecution.


May 13, 2004-Worchester MA carrier nabbed on mail route during sex-for-hire sting -In the middle of his mail route, a carrier in full uniform stopped his truck to proposition a hooker who turned out to be a cop, Worcester police said.  The 30 yr. letter carrier has been has been placed on emergency off-duty status, which means he has been suspended without pay, according to Bob Cannon, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service. ``Obviously, it's very unfortunate,'' Cannon said. ``We expect all our employees to conduct themselves in the best manner possible.


May 13, 2004-Postmark: Iraq -Lloyd Labasan doesn't think twice about long lines and angry customers at the Hillsboro Post Office. It's not worth it, Labasan says. After the smiling window clerk retires July 1 from a 30-year career with USPS, he says he'll miss Hillsboro's wonderful people the most. In the mix of plans to build a winter home Labasan waits for his son, Benjamin, to return home from war.


May 13, 2004-South Dakota Postal Worker sentenced for theft & falsifying document-She was originally indicted by a federal grand jury in October 2003 for misappropriation of postal funds and making a false or fictitious entry after an investigation conducted by USPS. The charges stem from an incident in August 2003, when Bell, then a postal employee, took money belonging to the Postal Service.


May 13, 2004-U.S. Postal Service workers earn "The Purple Heart" -U.S. Postal Service workers across America who have earned "The Purple Heart" medal for military combat wounds are now being recognized with a plaque tied in with the postal service's release of a Purple Heart stamp


May 13, 2004-

USPS Scores 95%  Sixth Quarter in a Row

Bush Administration Deals Setback to FedEx, UPS

UPS May Have to Offer Free Shipping Vouchers-


May 13, 2004-House Postal Bill Has CSRS Fixes; Senate Introduces Draft-The House Government Reform Committee sent a postal reform bill to Congress containing victories for mailers and USPS regarding Civil Service retirement funding, an issue neglected in the first draft of the bill. In an apparent bow to postal labor organizations, the draft also includes language that would prohibit USPS from creating "workshare discounts that exceed cost avoided" unless approved by a Postal Regulatory Commission that would replace the current Postal Rate Commission. (DMNews)

 NAPUS Praises House Committee Approval of Bipartisan Postal Reform Bill

House Postal Reform Bill could net USPS $$$$Billions

APWU Praises House Postal Reform Bill-- ‘Very Concerned’ About Senate Draft


May 13, 2004-House Postal Bill would cut mail payments to airlines-The U.S. Postal Service would be allowed to cut annual payments of about $284 million to UAL Corp.'s United Airlines and other carriers for hauling international mail under a bill approved by a House committee. The Postal Service would be able to set rates through negotiation or bids rather than have them determined by the Transportation Department, as has been done since 1958. The House Government Reform Committee approved the legislation, which requires action by the full House and the Senate.


May 13, 2004-

National Dog-Bite Prevention Week May 16-22-According to the U.S. Postal Service, more than 4.7 million people - most of them children and the elderly - are bitten by dogs each year. Between 1999 and 2003, 44 people died after being bitten by a dog, 24 of them were children under the age of 12.

Queens postal worker busted in an Internet sex sting

Holed up at post office, robbers now face letter of the law


May 12, 2004-Plan to move Mansfield mail processing halted -- for now-Postal Service headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday notified Mansfield Postmaster Joe Cinadr it will review the proposed changes at the Mansfield facility, according to the USPS. It is not known when the study will begin or affect the June 12 date the switch was to be made. "There is the possibility that it may delay the implementation date of the Mansfield operational changes," Cinadr said.

- Rep Michael G. Oxley applauds USPS decision to halt Mansfield mail move


May 12, 2004-Arbitration Summary Use of Privately Owned Vehicle while Traveling


May 12, 2004-6 Postal Workers Get Bonuses for Prompt Response to Ricin Discovery at Greenville facility -Six Greenville, SC postal workers (craft & management) have received bonuses for "correct and prompt" response to the discovery of ricin at the airport mail center in October 2003, even though law enforcement wasn't notified for nearly 11 hours, federal officials have told The Greenville News. The bonuses were given out last year and all employees of the facility were treated to pizza. |


May 11, 2004

Differences between FERS/CSRS Disability Retirement and OWCP

Leaking Package Closes Post Office

SmartMail Services Signs Merger Agreement with Deutsche Post

•  Former Houston Postal Clerk convicted of  $9000+ theft

Fire burns hundreds of packages at FedEx hub
Wickwire Gavin lists comments to proposed purchasing rule changes

- See Top 100 USPS Contracts & Suppliers
Collection boxes going postal earlier
Boyd residents fight for post office
Bottles in mailboxes not bombs, police say
Postal clients give stamp of approval--Extended hours  big hit with customers

Postal Officials discuss options for New Post Office facility in Missouri

Postal service opens contract postal unit in office supply & Christian book store


May 10, 2004

Rural post office without profit, but with purpose

Kinards Post Office Robbed Again

Letter: Postal Stamps Benefit Many

Man Jailed for trying to set Post Office mailboxes on fire

Post office honors mailman for heroic rescue

Postal/Fed Employees Reminded  to Keep Clear of the Hatch Act| Hatch Act

• Post office in Japan adds box lunches to list of delivery services

6 Greenville Postal Workers Reap Bonuses for Ricin Discovery  -Six Greenville, South Carolina postal workers (craft & management) have received bonuses for "correct and prompt" response to the discovery of ricin at the airport mail center in Oct. 2003-- even though law enforcement wasn't notified for nearly 11 hours.  The bonuses were given out last year and all employees of the facility were treated to pizza. |


May 09, 2004-Armed Robbery Suspects Nabbed in Pennsylvania USPS Mail Processing Center-Three suspected bank robbers are behind bars this morning after holding up a bank in Chester County PA. on Saturday. The three then ran to mail distribution center where one of the suspects once worked.. He asked postal workers if he and his friends could use a phone. A suspicious postal worker let them in, then called police.

-from Postal Reporter reader: "Southeastern Processing Center, located in Chester County, PA, was shut-down for almost five hours on Saturday while police from several area departments search the facility for bank robbery suspects.  All employees were evacuated from the building and waited while SWAT team and Canine Units were searching the building.  Seems one of the suspects was a casual employee at one time and gained access to the building after they robbed the local Commerce Bank.  We were told that four suspects, at least one of them armed, were apprehended.  It was a very interesting scenario."


May 09, 2004-Postal workers on alert after 3 bombs found-Palatine, Illinois postal workers have been placed on alert after two bombs were found in mailboxes Friday. The first bomb was found when a mail carrier opened a box along a residential route and found its contents covered in residue, postal officials said. The carrier immediately alerted the police and postal inspectors. Authorities determined the bomb had exploded before the carrier opened the box. They then searched the area and found two more bombs.


May 09, 2004-Opinion:  Mansfield Mail move handled poorly-The public wasn't informed of  Postal Service plans to consolidate first-class mail processing. Although union officials said the final decision had been made and some jobs would be lost, postal officials attempted to play it down, saying it was simply under consideration. They said if the transfer was made, "career jobs" would not be lost. But before the week was out, a news release was issued, announcing what the union officials had originally reported -- it was a done deal. Forty-eight percent of the Mansfield post office workload was going to Akron in June and 16 jobs were being cut.

- Mansfield loses bid to save mail move -Officials said that 16 non-career positions -- consisting of those that are not permanently assigned jobs -- in Mansfield will be cut. Ten of those are "transitional" positions and six are "casual" or short-term appointments.


May 09, 2004- Mail problem holds up water bills-Pearl River Postmaster Bill Read reports that the bills were not mailed timely, due to a Postal Service systems failure.


May 09, 2004-Letter: Stamp of bad service -"Please, please, use your influence to cause the U.S. Postal Service to improve its so-called "service" at the Shannon Road Post Office. I've written the local manager, the postmaster general, our congressman and others -- all with absolutely no improvement. Today, there were only two clerks at the counter in mid-afternoon. A total of 22 people were in line, and it seemed each of them needed special attention. One person had 12 packages. Another had no idea of what he wanted to do, so consumed 17 minutes of one clerk's time reading regulations, etc. .If it wasn't so many extra miles for this senior citizen to travel, I'd always go to LaSalle Street post office."


May 09, 2004-Postal Worker/Reservist killed in Baghdad blast buried-Family and friends of a postal worker and Army Reservist Lawrence Roukey who was killed in a blast outside Baghdad last month gathered Friday for a funeral at the same church where he was baptized more than 30 years ago.


May 09, 2004-Making bulk mail sizzle -There's a place that touches 5.5 million pieces of mail a year but still does not qualify as a post office.


May 08, 2004-Jailed ex-City Commission chairman blames legal problems on post office-The former chairman of the city Planning and Zoning Commission, jailed recently for not responding to a codes citation, has blamed his legal problems on a late delivery by the U.S. Postal Service.


May 08, 2004-Nearly half of the 49 full-time letter carriers in Columbus, Ohio received Million Mile Award


May 08, 2004-Retired Postal Worker is "The Poor Man's Philanthropist"-Thomas Cannon (referred to as "The Poor Man's Philanthropist) is a retired postal worker of modest means who awards gifts of $1,000 to deserving individuals. Over the past three decades, Cannon, 78, a retired postal worker, ( Cannon joined USPS in 1957, retiring in 1983 and worked as a clerk s in a Richmond, Virginia Post Office) has given $146,000, usually in $1,000 checks, to individuals he finds inspiring


May 08, 2004-Letter: Postal service is inadequate-The main post office located on Los Ebanos Boulevard is in need of replacement. The facility was built more than 30 years ago for a population half of what it is today. The postal workers who staff the facility are doing an admirable job with the lack of space and resources available to them


May 07, 2004-

- Mansfield Post Office to Lose First-Class Mail Processing

- Results of the Mailing Industry Task Force 2001 - 2004


May 07, 2004-Hopeful, Wary Mailers Study Postal Reform Draft-Mailers are scrutinizing a 126-page postal reform draft bill that four members of the House of Representatives released this week to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service. Introduction of the bill and its markup are expected next week.


May 07, 2004-Missouri Postal Carrier charged with stealing mail - A postal carrier from Aldrich MO. was indicted by a federal grand jury on four charges of embezzling mail.


May 06, 2004

Postal Service to salute World War II vets with stamp

Finland Post to Outsource 50 Post Offices to private entrepreneurs

Draft to Drum Up Postal Forum Attendance
•  USPS Offers Peek at Revamped Postal Forum

•  "Anthrax smoke detector" may serve as new bioterrorism defense

Post office reminds customers of old-time service

Letter: Enhanced' by delay

USPS Awards First NCOALink™ Full Service Provider License
Runyon brought a sensibility to TVA, Postal Service
Heartfelt Greetings Delivered by Your Neighborhood Post Office

Company Introduces "Anthrax Smoke Detector"-which is capable of detecting small amounts of anthrax in large buildings. Universal Detection Technology said the device would be tested in September for use in government facilities such as post offices. The UDT detector is competing with Northrop Grumman Corp.'s anthrax detection system which uses DNA sequencing to find the deadly spores and could operate for a hundredth of the cost of  |

- USPS Suspends Biohazard Detection System Testing & Deployment

GROUP WARNS OF LOSSES WITHOUT MAIL REFORM -"A decline in mail volume and a steady rise in delivery points and expenses will cause postal price increases and major job losses nationwide if the delivery service is not reformed, according to a group pushing for change. Maine would lose an estimated 3,500 to 7,000 jobs, depending on whether the drop in volume proves to be 10 percent or 20 percent, the Envelope Manufacturers Association argued in its study. According to the association report, some of the threatened organizations include the U.S. Postal Service, which is the seventh largest employer in Maine, with more than 4,400 workers, as well as paper manufacturers, printers and catalog companies. "This is about so much more than reforming the U.S. Postal Service. This is about the economy, this is about jobs, this is about the future," said U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, whose committee has jurisdiction over the Postal Service." (source: Portland Press Herald)


May 06, 2004- Businesses Object to Provision in Postal-Reform Legislation -A long-awaited proposal to reorganize USPS hit a snag Tuesday when businesses objected to a provision backed by APWU. Lawmakers scrambled to rewrite sections of the bill in time to bring it to a vote next Wed., instead of this Thurs.

- Easy Come, Easy Go? Postal Bill Markup Postponed-a mark-up of the bill that had been tentatively slated for May 6, was postponed indefinitely, making chances of a reform bill passing this year slimmer than they already were.


May 06, 2004-From DMNews

- All Politics Is Local, Except for the USPS- It’s generally understood that Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, plans to introduce a postal reform bill, even though that bill is unlikely to advance too far in this congressional session. Many in the direct mail industry favor her bill, though few if any have detailed knowledge of what is in it. That’s a heck of a way to run a business


- USPS Offers Peek at Revamped Postal Forum-This year's forum has been expanded into a four-day conference. It will include multi-presentation symposiums on marketing, package services, remittance mail and periodicals. There also will be a government day, small business day, periodicals day and a National Postal Customer Council leadership conference.


- Standard Mail Volume Is Reviving, Says Deputy PMG-In terms of Standard mail, Nolan said, "we have actually had a few places in the country that had a backlog of Standard mail all of a sudden. It was a quick reminder for us in a couple of isolated locations that we need to remind managers who have dealt well with lack of volume what to do when volume picks up."


- Mail Study Shows Where the Jobs Are-If mail volume were to drop 20 percent, 1.5 million postal-related jobs would be at risk, according to a new jobs study focusing on the mailing industry.


- Perception of Mail's Value at Risk, USPS Study Finds-Thirty-nine percent of consumers think their next mail delivery will have little or no value, according to a "Mail Moment" study released yesterday at the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting at postal headquarters.


- USPS Plans Web Initiatives for Business Mailers -The U.S. Postal Service starts two services later this year designed to make it easier for mailers to do business with the agency


 - USPS: 95% of Merlin-Tested Mail Passing Barcode Readability-The USPS is working with mailers to test Merlin and determine whether the standard for barcode readability should be adjusted based on the equipment. Mailers say Merlin still has reliability problems because machines often give different readings.


May 06, 2004

Draft to Drum Up Postal Forum Attendance -The National Postal Forum has tapped Draft to create a campaign to boost attendance at this September's educational event and trade show
Household Diary Study asks customers how they feel about their mail

"Anthrax smoke detector" may serve as new bioterrorism defense

Finland Post to Outsource 50 Post Offices to private entrepreneurs

HIGH HONORS. NALC President William Young and Postmaster General Jack Potter recently were honored with the World Hunger Year-Harry Chapin Award for conducting the NALC National Food Drive — the world’s largest one-day food drive. Since its inception in 1992, USPS employees have collected more than 500 million pounds of food.


May 06, 2004-Sam Ryan: Postal Service Accountability- "Congress is expected shortly to attempt to save the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from an impending financial meltdown. Today, the Postal Service is in deep financial trouble. It is hemorrhaging money, with long-term projections bordering on catastrophic. The public has little idea of how bad the situation really is, largely due to the murkiness of USPS accounting. Unless postal executives and regulators have a clear picture of what is actually going on, the chances of effective reform are bleak and costs will continue to spin out of control."


May 06, 2004

Letter: Enhanced' by delay

USPS Awards First NCOALink™ Full Service Provider License
Runyon brought a sensibility to TVA, Postal Service
Heartfelt Greetings Delivered by Your Neighborhood Post Office


May 05, 2004-

House Circulates Postal Reform Draft Bill

DMA Statement Regarding Discussion Draft of House Postal Reform Bill

Board of Governors to Meet May 11-12 in Dallas

USPS will spend $2 million to renovate the Pinkney Post Office

Fort Lauderdale company sews up market for postal uniforms

-Post Office drops e-payments
-The perils of sidewalk democracy-

-Carrier has mail-hauling record in the bag-

-BD Sharps Offer Disposal of needles, syringes & lancets By Mail System - users simply fill the 1.4-quart puncture-resistant BD Home Sharps Container with their used needles, lancets and syringes  and give the pre-addressed, postage-paid box to their postal carrier or drop it off at any post office

-Steubenville Post Office Cleared Of Delayed Mail Allegations

May 04, 2004-NPMHU Activists Target Postal Reform-the Postal Service continues to work behind the scenes to encourage Members of Congress to adopt legislative proposals that would have an adverse effect on the postal workforce and on collective bargaining


May 04, 2004-Boxing Out the Public on Mail -Between 2001 and 2003, 34,584 mailboxes -- or collection boxes, as they are officially called -- were removed across the country. The nationwide total dropped from 324,970 to 290,386. What's going on? U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Monica Suraci said the main reason collection boxes get harvested is cost. Traffic patterns change, usage changes and suddenly it's no longer cost-efficient for carriers to stop and unlock a possibly empty box


May 04, 2004-Marvin T. Runyon; Postal Chief's Cuts Brought Profit --When he arrived at the Postal Service in 1992, he began an overhaul of the world's largest mail system, with its $50 billion operating budget and more than 700,000 employees. During the next six years, Mr. Runyon streamlined the agency's multilayered managerial ranks, reduced its overall payroll through voluntary employee retirements and pushed the quasi-government agency to pay closer attention to customer demands. The price of a first-class stamp rose just once -- from 29 cents to 32 cents --


May 04, 2004-

Postal worker gunned down in his driveway

Mail.dat - A Bridge to the Postal Future

Is mail still worth the investment?

•  Next Rate Hike Could Be a Whopper

Post Office Clarifies Information About Williston Post Office Closing

Vernon NJ City Council, postal officials clash; Disagree over location for new post office

-Proposed legislation threatens rural post offices -

-Postal Carrier is being credited with spotting apartment fire-

-Letter: Postal worker: 'We're all human'

-Letter from Sam Ryan : Congress is getting ready to tweak postal system

-Locals 'De-Linked' From National Site During APWU Election Period-

-Young: 'Next 8 Months Crucial For Carriers, USPS and Labor' -N

- NALC and USPS Release 2004 update to Joint Contract Administration Manual (JCAM)


May 03, 2004-

No Packaging of Mail Is Best, Consumers Tell USPS-Most consumers surveyed about USPS'  Delivery Point Packaging initiative, which would simultaneously sort letters and flats into delivery order then bundle them into individual delivery packages, prefer no change to the way their mail is packaged, according to results released last month. The decision to proceed with one or both initiatives likely will be made this year. If approved, Flats Sequencing System (FSS) would deploy in 2006 and DPP would debut in 2007 or 2008

- In other DMNews: Airlines Use Wireless Tracking to Comply With USPS Contracts-At least two airlines are working with AT&T Wireless, Redmond, WA, to track mail as it moves through their systems as part of their contracts with the U.S. Postal Service.


- Spreading the News About Mail-There’s a new group whose mission is to fill the world with good news to offset the bad out there. The Mail & Jobs Coalition “believes that America is best served by a strong and growing mail system, a system [that] today creates jobs in every town, city, district and state nationwide.” And it spreads that message through its Web site,


USPS Posts EEO Data on Website Pursuant to NO FEAR Act-NO FEAR is a law referred to as the Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Rehabilitation Act of 2002 (NO FEAR) In short, the act is designed to: 1) require that federal agencies be accountable for violations of anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection laws and 2) require that each federal agency post quarterly on its public web site, certain statistical data relating to its EEO complaint filings. see more info on NO FEAR Act and USPS EEO Stats|


-Carriers reach out through food roundup, Pay-Day Pals-

-Wait a minute, Mr. Postman-Getting mail from home means more than just finding out what's going on - without the mail, troop morale suffers.


-Snail's pace of military mail might affect the fall election-The military can pinpoint a target the size of coffee cup from thousands of miles away. It can whisk a special forces team to a beachhead within hours. What it can't do, despite decades of trying, is deliver the mail on time to troops in a combat zone. A Defense Department task force in 2000 recommended outsourcing “much, if not all” of the military mail service to the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service replied that it could not handle the extra work and suggested civilian contractors as an option (Reg.)

- New Jersey Post Office Closed Due to Mysterious Odor unlikely to reopen-

- Ohio Postal Workers fighting to keep jobs

- Postal Service shouldn't dabble in sports sponsorship

- Real estate docs signed, sealed, delivered: virtually-

- Merlin Flat Mail Readability Rate Rises July 31

- Finding Money in the Mail

- Under the carrier alert program, mail carriers bring assurance

- Plans uncertain for McCandless postal facility

- NALC Food Drive is Saturday May 8th
Community loses ZIP with post office

May 01, 2004-

Georgia Distribution Clerk writes book on Vietnam experiences--Two weeks after arriving in South Vietnam in 1967, the author experiences firsthand the battle with the Viet Cong for which he was trained.

-UPS, FedEx rivalry a study in contrasts

 Post Office halts mail delivery after pit bull named "Midnight" terrorizes carrier


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